Story: "Bath"


It was spring break and Jeremy and Aelita were at Jeremy’s grandmother’s house in the mountains. They had been dating for a few years, like Odd, Sissy, Ulrich and Yumi had been doing and like them they loved each other greatly. Also like them they were virgins who hadn’t gotten past first base, but that was all going to change today. Jeremy’s grandmother was out of the house and with some friends, so Jeremy and Aelita had the whole house to themselves. They had had lunch together and Aelita was in her room listening to some music and Jeremy was about to take a bath. He filled the nice wide bathtub with nice warm crystal clear water. Jeremy was currently wearing a blue sweater and brown pants. He took his sweater off, then his brown pants so then all he had on was his white boxers. Jeremy didn’t have his glasses on since he had switched to contacts a long time ago. Anyway Jeremy then took his boxers off and became completely naked. He was about to step into the bath tub, but suddenly Aelita opened the bath room door, since she wanted to take a bath herself and had no idea Jeremy was about to take a bath himself. Jeremy then glanced backwards and saw that his girlfriend was look at him naked, Aelita and Jeremy blushed bright red as she looked at his back and butt. Without even saying anything Jeremy got in the tub and sat down with his knees against his chest. He and Aelita kept on blushing and they both did and said nothing for a few moments. Aelita was currently wearing a red sweater and blue jeans. She then broke the silence and said, “Sorry Jeremy I just wanted to take a bath, I had no idea you were in here.”

Jeremy blushed bright red as he replied, “That’s okay Aelita I should have locked the door.”

Aelita blushed a bit more and said, “So I guess I should leave now.”

Then without thinking Jeremy replied, “How about you join me?”<

The moment those words left Jeremy’s lips he couldn’t even believe he had said them. He blushed harder than he ever had in is life and Aelita blushed to and then she walked up to him and kiss his forehead and said, ” Sure that sounds like a nice idea, besides I always wanted to know what it would be like being naked with you.”

Then Aelita spun around and closed the bathroom door and then started undressing. Jeremy blushed bright red and said, “Should I cover my eyes?”

Aelita replied, “No I saw your naked backside, so I think it would only be fair for you to see mine.”


Then Aelita took her shirt off and Jeremy saw her back and the back of her dark pink bra. Then Aelita took her pants off and Jeremy saw her legs and her dark pink panties. Aelita blushed as she unbuckled her bra and let it fall to the ground. Then she put her hands on her panties and a huge blush appeared on her face as she pulled them down and stepped out of them and became as naked as Jeremy. The sight of his girlfriend’s naked back side made Jeremy’s penis start to harden as blood rushed down it. He looked at Aelita’s nice plumb butt. Aelita then started to turn around and Jeremy instantly covered his eyes and sat down in the tub with his knees pressed tightly against his chest. Aelita then got into the tub and sat across from Jeremy. She pressed her knees against her chest and then Jeremy took his hands off his eyes and the two of them just looked at each other and blushed. For awhile they both sat still and said nothing to each other; then Aelita said, “Jeremy…”

Jeremy replied, “Yes Aelita.”

Aelita said, “Do you want to kiss?”


Then Aelita and Jeremy kissed and it was their first kiss nude and it was magical even though it was very short. When their kiss ended they both blushed and then Aelita said, “Jeremy why are we hiding our bodies from each other?”

Jeremy suddenly found himself unable to answer Aelita’s question they both loved each other and he realized that they were being way to shy being naked together, by not showing each other their bodies. Jeremy blushed and replied, “Well I guess we can see each other if we want.”

“Alright then.”

Then Jeremy and Aelita then stopped hiding their bodies with their knees and showed themselves to one another. Aelita instantly saw that Jeremy had a nice chest and arms even though they were a little skinny, she saw that he had nice knees and then she blushed bright red when she saw the parts of him that made him truly different from her. Aelita saw that Jeremy had light blond pubic hair, two nice balls and an erect penis which was seven inches long due to her nakedness. Aelita felt her nipples start to harden as Jeremy looked her naked body. Jeremy saw that Aelita had nice smooth legs, a nice flat stomach and that she had two nice round breasts that were a lot bigger than he thought that they would be and that she had very light small pink nipples. Jeremy blushed very hard when he looked at Aelita’s vagina and saw that it was covered in pink pubic hair and a line running down its middle, Jeremy’s penis harden and he and Aelita blushed bright red. Then Jeremy gently put his right hand on Aelita’s face and said, “You’re beautiful Aelita!”

Aelita smiled and put her right hand on Jeremy’s chest and said, “You’re beautiful to Jeremy.”

Jeremy and Aelita then kissed again and this was a much deeper kiss than they kiss they had just shared before. Jeremy snuck his tongue into Aelita’s mouth and she moaned in pleasure and surprise and then the two of them had a tongue battle. When their kiss ended Jeremy gave Aelita’s butt a nice long squeeze and Aelita then did the same to him. Jeremy then rubbed Aelita’s soft bum and his member harden, Aelita gave his butt a quick rub while her nipples harden and then she put her hands on his chest. With shaking Jeremy put his hands on Aelita’s breasts and felt her nipples against his palms. Aelita’s breasts were so nice and soft that the moment Jeremy touched them his penis flexed in joy. Aelita then noticed this and said, “Hey Jeremy you can make it move?”


Jeremy then flexed his penis again and Aelita looked at it in wonder and then she kissed her boyfriend again. While they were kissing Jeremy gave Aelita’s breasts a quick squeeze and Aelita moaned into Jeremy’s mouth and Jeremy felt her nipples harden. Jeremy then rubbed Aelita’s breasts together and gave them five nice more squeezes and Aelita’s nipples and Jeremy’s penis became as hard as they could get. When their kiss ended Jeremy flicked Aelita’s rock hard nipples a few times and then both Jeremy and Aelita saw that while they had been kissing Aelita had opened her legs without meaning to and then he saw her round pink vagina opening. Aelita blushed bright red and so did Jeremy, suddenly Aelita saw Jeremy’s penis twitch and a drop of pre cum leave it. Aelita then gently rubbed her right foot against Jeremy’s penis and Jeremy then moaned and found himself to aroused to speak. Aelita kept on rubbing his penis with her right foot; then she got an idea. Aelita rubbed Jeremy’s penis between both her feet and gave Jeremy a foot job. Aelita had no idea what she was doing, she just knew that she was making her boyfriend very happy. Jeremy moaned in pleasure as another pleasurable drop of pre cum pre cum left his penis as he started to say, “Aelita…”

But Jeremy soon found himself lost to the pleasure and didn’t utter another word. The pleasure just kept building in Jeremy’s balls and just got greater and greater. Aelita rubbed Jeremy’s penis with her feet and made sure to brush its head with her toes. The pleasure then exploded and Jeremy cummed his white cum shot out of his penis in one mighty squired and Aelita watched as she saw her boyfriend cum, the sight of Jeremy Cumming made Aelita wet between her legs as some pre cum started to leak out of her vagina. As soon as he was done coming Jeremy blushed bright red and said, “Do you want to know how that felt?”

Aelita nodded and then Jeremy wrapped his lips around Aelita’s right nipple and started sucking on it. Aelita moaned in pleasure and felt a huge heat develop between her legs. She grabbed Jeremy’s head and put her hands in his hair and urged him on. Jeremy kept on sucking on Aelita’s nipples and soon Aelita’s nipples became as hard as iron and the heat between her legs just grew and grew. Pre cum then ran out of her vagina and dripped down her legs. Then the pleasure got even greater as Aelita felt her vagina walls start to get tighter and tighter. The pleasure Aelita was feeling was so great that she couldn’t see how it could get any greater, than it happened Aelita cummed and her vagina walls slammed together as hot cum poured out of her vagina opening and into the bath water. Like Jeremy Aelita cummed for an entire minute and screamed in pleasure. When Aelita was done Cumming she breathed deeply and said, “Wow, that was amazing Jeremy.”

Jeremy kissed Aelita’s forehead and said, “Yeah it was, what you want to do now?”

Aelita kissed Jeremy’s forehead and replied, “I have an idea, I think you’ll like it.”

Aelita then trapped Jeremy’s penis between her knees and started rubbing it between them. Then Jeremy gave her bum a nice long squeeze and then he put his hands on Aelita’s breasts and started squeezing them like crazy while she rubbed his penis between her knees. Jeremy and Aelita kept on doing this for a few minutes and made sure to suck on Aelita’ nipples and flick them with his thumbs, Aelita made sure to rub Jeremy’s penis had with her knees caps and three drops of pre cum dripped out of her vagina and four drops of pre cum shot out of Jeremy’s dick. Then it happened, the pleasure just grew and grew and then Jeremy’s dick twitched a few times and Aelita vagina walls slammed together as they both cummed at the same time. Jeremy’s cum shot out of his penis and Aelita’s cum poured out of her vagina opening and they both cummed together for a whole minute and it was a minute of bliss and pleasure.

When they were done Cumming together they hugged and kissed lovingly, Aelita’s breasts pressed against Jeremy’s chest and Jeremy’s penis touched her vagina. When their hug and kiss ended Aelita legs were all the way open and Jeremy traced her vagina opening with his right index finger, a pleasurable drop of pre cum shot out of his penis and pre cum poured out of Aelita’s vagina. Jeremy kissed Aelita’s breasts and then he kissed her forehead. Then he said, “Aelita do you want to…”

Aelita silenced Jeremy with a loving kiss and replied, “Yes I do Jeremy, just be gentle.”

Jeremy put his hands on Aelita’s shoulders and said, “Don’t worry I will be.”

Then he kissed her and gave her breasts a nice long size and then did the same to her butt. Then Jeremy slowly stabbed the head of his penis into Aelita’s wet pink vagina opening. Jeremy and Aelita then closed their eyes and blushed in pleasure; the inside of Aelita’s vagina was so warm and tight that it made four drops of pre cum left Jeremy’s member. Jeremy slowly stabbed his entire penis inside of Aelita’s vagina until it was at her virgin seal. Then Jeremy looked right into Aelita’s eyes and then thrust himself all the way and her virgin seal broke and her virgin blood made the water in the tub a little crimson. Aelita moaned in pain and two tears left her eyes and Jeremy kissed them away and then gave Aelita a loving kiss. After awhile the pain went away and Aelita told Jeremy he could move and he started thrusting himself inside of her. Jeremy and Aelita moaned in pleasure and then they kissed again, they hugged as well and Jeremy penis then moved deeper inside of her. They then put their tongues into each other’s mouths and had another tongue battle.

The pleasure just kept getting greater and greater; Aelita’s vagina walls just kept on getting tighter and tighter around Jeremy’s penis and Jeremy’s penis then twitched as three drops of pre cum left it and went into Aelita’s womb. Jeremy thrust into 60 times and then it happened, they both cummed! Jeremy’s penis shook as he cummed for the third and final time into Aelita. His cum just shot out of his penis and into her womb, some of it dripped out of her vagina opening and ran down her legs. Aelita then cummed as well and her vagina walls slammed around Jeremy’s member and hugged it tightly and her cum poured out of her vagina opening and into the tub water and ran down her legs. Jeremy and Aelita felt great amazing pure pleasure as the cummed together and they both cummed for 30 minutes and had the third greatest orgasm/shared orgasm in the entire history of the human race, it was so great that it made their feet tingle and their kiss never broke as waves of waves of pleasure washed over them. When they stopped Cumming and the pleasure left them. They gave each other a brief kiss and Jeremy took his penis out of Aelita’s vagina and then she gave him a quick kiss and Jeremy replied, “I love you Aelita.”

Aelita hugged Jeremy and replied, “I love you to Jeremy.”

Then Aelita and Jeremy got out of the bath tub, got dressed and had dinner together and were then soon joined by Jeremy’s grandmother who asked them if they had done anything fun while she had gone away.

The End

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