Story: "The War’s Not Over – Chapter 1"

This is my first CL fic so be nice. If you like Ulrich, read this. If you like a lot of plot complications, read this. If you like lots of romance, unfortunately for you but there is only a little YXU in this. This takes place right before Echoes,meaning that the CL gang has defeated X.A.N.A, but the super computer is still on.I am a slow writer so it may take me anywhere from a week to a moth to up date depending on how long the chapter is. If you don’t like waiting, you have been warned. All right the stage is set, so on with the story!

Its Not Over by Glass Lady

Disclaimer: I dont own Code Lyoko or any of its characters. However, I do own the story line.

some one talking” someone thinking /POV change/

Chapter 1 X.A.N.A is back

/10:30pm Ulrichs POV/

Oh man oh man oh man! I thought as I paced back and forth in my room. We are shutting down the super computer tomorrow, and I havent got Yumi a present. I had decided to get her something because it was such a big event. I mean, its not every day we get to have our normal lives back. I threw myself on my bed, frustrated.

Then I sat straight up. I know, I said, I will burn Yumi a CD with her favorite Sub Sonics songs! I started to dig through my dresser drawers, looking for a blank disk. All I could find was one of Odds old music videos. Odd wont mind if I take this.

I got up and headed toward the passage in the boiler room. Jeremy would not have approved taking one of Odds CDs. I managed to get to the boiler room without bumping into Jim, who had taken to patrolling the halls at night.

As I sped along my thoughts wandered to William. His p parents had decided to move him to a school closer to where they live. That was great for me because he would not be able to flirt with Yumi any more. Wait, I thought as I shook my head, Yumi and I are just friends, nothing more, but then why did I want to get her a present so bad, Erg.

I was at the factory, finely. I am going to do this for Yumi and thats the end of it,I thought, Besides, Jeremy will most likely get something for Aileta. I got in the elevator and pushed the button. Then I entered the computer lab. I sat in the computer chair. Now lets see if I get on the internet on here, I said.

I looked at all the files and links and icons. This will take a wile, well I have to start somewhere. I double clicked on a file. A window popped up asking if I wanted to open it. I clicked Yes.

Big mistake! I found out that was where Jeremys program had put to put it bluntlyX.A.N.A! I tried to undo what had happened but then sparks flew everywhere. One got in my eye. It was no use. X.A.N.A. was back and it was my fault!

/The next morning, Jeremys room./

You did what!? said Jeremy.

I had told Jeremy soon as Jim had stopped patrolling the halls. Odd had come too, even though I told him not to.

I said, Look, Im sorry I didnt know. You should label your files.

Well you could have asked me to help! said Jeremy. He was still a little mad.

I thought you wouldnt approve of using one Odds CDs! I said. I had forgotten that Odd was in the room.

WHAT!! said Odd, and then he tackled me, You had better give it back right now!

I tried to wiggle free, but Odd had me pined. That was wired, usually I could have got out, but this time there was something different. My body just felt wired, as if the was some kind of presents. Get off me! I said as a last resort, I left your stupid disk in the dresser, and I have more to tell you!

Odd said, Oh, And let me up.

I brushed my jacket off and said, Before I left, I read some stuff on your program, Jeremy. It took the key to Lyoko back form X.A.N.A., right?

Jeremy nodded. Right, without it, X.A.N.A is stuck in the super computer again and we can shut it down in peace, and we wont tell the girls. Is that okay?

Odd and I nodded.

Now, said Odd, Lets get some food. I am starving!

Oh really? I said as we walked toward the lunch room, From what I saw last night, you ate a whole bag of chips in your sleep.

That was hours ago! Odd complained. I just laughed, hard.

We met Aileta at our normal table. I so exited for this afternoon! she said.

Odd said, For what, the science quiz with ?

Of course not Odd, she means the factory, stupid, I said, absently.

Hay! Odd said, looking angry.

Ya, that wasnt very nice Ulrich, Ulrich? Ulrich! said Aileta.

W-What, what did I say?! I said, looking at my friends. My mind had been drifting, to where, I cant say.

Jeremy said, Well, you just called Odd stupid, what do you think?

I did? Oh, sorry Odd, I said to my spiky haired friend. Aileta and Jeremy gave each other a concerned look.

Odd patted me on the back and said, Thats okay, buddy. Are you going to eat that toast? Odd had eaten his normal two helpings already.

I grabbed the toast, took a big bite, and said, Yes, Odd, yes I am.

I was day dreaming in class, and wont tell what about. (Author gets ready to delete story.) Fine, I was thinking about Yumi, happy now? To bad for me but today my math teacher decided to rune my thoughts. Ulrich, can you answer the equation on the board? she said.

I got up and looked at the board. Instead of all of the number making me confused, I saw patterns in them, almost like the programs on the super computer. I cleared my mind, thought for a second and said, 5.2 Just then my left eye started to hurt. I rubbed it and the sensation went away.

My teacher was surprised, so was I. Well, thats right. Good job Ulrich. Keep it up.

I sat back down. Odd leaned over to me and whispered, Ulrich, sense when have you studied?

Thats it, I havent studied; the answer was just I started, but then my eye started hurting again. I rubbed at it.

Hay, are you okay? asked Odd.

I said, Its all right, Im fine.

Odd, Aileta, Jeremy, Yumi, and I meet up in the park after lunch. It was Saturday, so we didnt have school in the afternoon. We climbed down the tunnel and sped towed the factory. Jeremy hadnt got something Aileta. Well, Yumi wont feel bad about me not getting her a present, thats good. I thought.

Odd said, Hay Ulrich lets race!

No. I said simply.

Odd seed up and turned around on his board, so he was facing me. Oh are you chicken, boc boc boc bo- woe! Odd had fallen off wile he was doing the chicken dance.

I stopped and helped him up. All right, youre on! I pushed hard agents the ground several times and speed off.

Wait thats cheating! said Odd as he tried to catch up. I won as usual.

We climbed up the ladder and ran to the factory; after we slid down the ropes, we got in the elevator to go to turn off the super computer. Something in the back of my mind said if the super computer was turned off, something bad would happen. I ignored it. Why would turning off the computer be a bad thing? I thought, In fact, a better question would be Why would keeping the super computer on be a bad thing? We were now in the super computer room.

Jeremy said, Aileta, would you like to do the honors? She nodded.

She went over to the giant black-and-gold structure and pushed a button. A small panel opened to reveal a lever. The girl with pink hair took the lever and said, Through all of the struggle with X.A.N.A, we still managed to have a lot of good times on Lyoko, but now it time to say good bye. Aileta pushed the lever down and there was a huge gust of air.

Suddenly I felt a burst of pain go through my left eye. I clutched at it and staggered back several steps.

Ulrich, whats wrong? asked Yumi. She came a step closer to me as I groaned in pain.

I didnt reply. The pain had greatly intensified, and I was on my knees now. My vision was blurred but I managed to say one thing before I blacked out: Turn on the super computer.

GlassLady: MWAHAHAHAHA! Cliffhanger! What has happened to Ulrich? Read the next chapter to find … I have cast a spell on this story! Now you have to read the next chapter, if you dont you will turn into a frog, so read it, read it, READ IT! No flames please. Thank you.

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