Story: "Im A Believer – Chapter 5"

Chapter 5


(The After Party) Ulrich POV

“Yes, were are finally here” Odd said looking at the building we just arrived at

“What about our curfew huh” Jeremy asked worriedly

“Don’t worry about that Jer, just let loose” Aelita said smiling at him


All of us got out the limo and came into the after party, it was playing loud rave music, couples making out in a corner, people dancing very wild and crazy, and a few drunk people to. Odd and Aelita ran to the dance floor and joined the crowd who was in a big circle dancing.

“Are you going to go Jeremy” I tried yelling over the music. But he obviously heard me and nodded his head no

“Why not” Yumi asked him

“I’m not really a big fan of wild parties” Jeremy said

“Jeremy, you really have to cut back, have some fun” I said pushing him a little bit “you probably will never get a chance like this for a while, and you guys are already going to be in trouble when you get back to the hotel, so why not make use of this time” Yumi added.

I could tell Jeremy took in what we said and, as if someone pressed the fun button in his head. He went crazy and ran towards the crowd and started dancing with Aelita. While Odd was dancing with some random girl.

“You want to dance”Yumi asked me dragging me to the dance floor. I gave her a smirk and followed her. All of us was dancing to the beat of the music for about an hour. The girl that was dancing with Odd was all over him now, while Odd was still moving to the music. Jeremy and Aelita were talking and dancing at the same time. While Yumi and me were dancing close together.

“Isn’t people going to notice you in this c crowd, being like famous and all” I asked her

“No not really, everyone is just doing their own thing you know” She answered.

“Oh, you want something to drink” I asked her

“Sure” Yumi said

I took her hand, making sure no one else would try to dance with her. “I see you didn’t want me to left alone Ulrich” Yumi smiled

“Yeah, and i just didn’t want to leave you alone either epically with the people here” I smiled back

When we got to think punch stand there was some people there by the punch stand just standing, looking at the people passing by

“Be careful i heard some people put some type of drug in one of the drinks i don’t know which one though” one lady said

“Ok, thanks, Yumi we shouldn’t take a drink here” I turned back around and saw Yumi drinking a cup of punch, which i quickly took away from her

“What’s wrong” She asked

“Someone just told me that people put a drug in one of these drinks” I said

“What, are you sure” Yumi asked

“That’s what she said, come on” I grabbed Yumi’s hand and took her back where the others were

“Guys be careful, someone put a drug in the drinks” I said

But i saw that Aelita was already drunk from a drink she had “Jeremy what happened” I asked him

“I don’t know a second im talking to Odd, and then a minute later she was drunk” Jeremy said looking at Aelita going crazy “Im going to get her back somewhere but i cant go to the hotel with her like this”

“Ok i have to take Yumi-” i looked back and saw that Yumi was dancing with a group of guys who was drunk, and it obviously Yumi was drunk to

‘God Damnit’ I thought to myself

“Think of something, i have to get Yumi out of here” I ran to the middle of guys and pulled Yumi and took her with me

“Awwww the parties over” Yumi said and stumbling while walking

“Yes” I said while putting her on my back

“But we just got here and what about those other guys we were with” Yumi said pointing back to the building. I opened in the limo that was parked outside the building and sat Yumi down.

“Oooh pretty limo” Yumi said laying down on the seats

I told the limo driver everything, and he understood completely. I looked back at Yumi who was pressing buttons to the limo, When she found to control button to see limo driver. Yumi kept pressing it, up and down

“Hi, limo driver person” she said pushing the button down “Bye limo driver guy” Yumi pressed the button up

I had to admit it was pretty funny, but i couldn’t stand seeing her like this. Yumi soon found the button the opened the roof of the limo, she stood up and started screaming at the traffic we were in. Once the limo pulled off, Yumi lost her balance and fell on the floor to the limo.

“Where are we going” She asked me looking up at me

“to your place’ I answered

“Oh ok” Yumi said trying to get back on the seats to the limo, but failed

I sighed and put my head back on the seats. It was about fifteen minutes until we got where she lived at. And her drunken stage had only gotten worse. “You have the key” I asked her. Yumi pulled out the slide card key to the building and handed it to me and she also fell into my arms. I held on to her and opened the doors. Yumi pulled away and started running and stumbling everywhere, then she ended up falling on a couch. i slightly laughed to myself and went over to her. As soon as i was about to pick her up, she pulled me into a intense kiss, which i kissed her back. I soon felt her pulling up my shirt. That’s when i pulled away

“Yumi we can’t do this, not here, not now” I said. Soon her adviser came in

“Dear what happened” She said running toward us

“We went to this after party and she got drunk because of this drink”

“Oh dear, go upstairs to her room give her this” Tonya handed me a head-ache reliever “keep an eye on her, i have to go pick up her agent, i knew it was a bad idea to let her go to this after party” Tonya said walking off . I looked over to the wall and the clock read 1:30 am

“Great” I said to myself “Come on, Yumi dearest” I picked yumi up and put her in my arms and went up to her room. When we got to her room, Yumi hopped out my arms and started dancing all the way to her couch. I went over to her and saw she was playing with her hands on the couch. Yumi soon looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back and went back to the kitchen and got a glass of water ” Come here Yumi” i called her and she ran towards me. I gave her a cup of water and a head-ache reliever.

“take this, you don’t want your head hurting in the morning” I said while she took the head-ache reliever

After Yumi was done, she threw herself up on me and started kissing me again, and of course i returned it. After a few seconds i realized what i was doing and pulled away from her “Maybe you should get ready and go to sleep” I said

“Ok” Yumi said cheerfully. She started taking her shirt off, and i quickly pulled it back down before she could go any further. “no maybe we should just stay up” I said blushing

“All-” Yumi couldn’t finish her sentence because she stared throwing up in the trash can. I held her hair back, while she was.

“I knew that was going to kick in” I told her “You going to be ok”

“Yeah” yumi said before throwing up again

It was about five minutes since Yumi stopped throwing up, and i was telling her the whole story of what happened when she was drunk, but now she’s back to her normal self (A/N i dont know how long it take for you to be back to you normal self after being drunk sooo yea haha)

“i tried doing all that to you” yumi looked to the ground blushing

“yeah not to metion you was about to reveal yourself to me to” I said trying not to smile

Yumi looked at me and giggled lightly “well, that’s embarrassing”

“yeah” I said

“Thank you Ulrich, for being there” Yumi said smiling at me

“I’ll always be here for you” I said leaning in to kiss her “Ew, but first brush them teeth” I laughed

” Ohhh i hate you Ulrich Stern” Yumi laughed going to the bathroom and brushing her teeth.

” i love you to Yumi” i said

Soon Yumi came back wearing her night clothes, and came and laid next to me on the couch. I wrapped my arms around her and looked into her dark brown eyes “i love you yumi”. She smiled and kissed me for a long time. “I love you to, and about me trying all this stuff on you, what did you think of it”

That question hit me like a ton of bricks ” well, um to be honest, i liked it, but if you wont drunk.. you know” i stuttered

” I know what” yumi smiled at me again

“Well, it would have been better i guess” I said looking at the ceiling

“Uh huh” Yumi bit her lip

“what are you thinking” I asked her

“Ohh nothing” yumi said getting up from the couch and walking towards her room. She looked at me then at her room.

“would you rather sleep on a couch of a nice tempurpedic mattress” Yumi smiled at me

I smiled back and followed her to her room and closed the door behind me


End of Chapter 5


i stayed up until 2 am writing this im tired … now its time to go to sleep

Odd: No wait, what happen between me and that girl i was dancing with

Me:You will see tomorrow

Odd:Awwwww man

Jeremy: What about me and Aelita

Me: Again you will see tomorrow

Jeremy: fine

Yumi:I cant believe you made me almost take my top off, and what happen between me and Ulrich

Me:Well thats what happen when drunk people are with the ones they love, and plus i knew Ulrich would like it, and you will see tomorrow

Ulrich: Yeah, um yea it was a nice view i mean, and yeah what we do huh huh huh


Odd: Oh god, REVIEW GUYS



All of us: SHUT UP

Odd:(whispers) review!

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